Tuesday 5 June 2012

Sleep, Sex, Satisfaction and those who can't get no

Melatonin, much like an orgasm has a relaxing, often sleep inducing effect on the human body and mind. In both cases this is mainly the result of a bio-chemical reaction centred around the brain. The numerous benefits it is believed to impart is leading more and more people to buy melatonin. It is known primarily for its anti-oxidant properties and as a sleep regulator.

But why don't the sleep deprived sufferers just try sex? You might ask well as that question. The answer could be that they already have tried it. Perhaps it is just too much sex that is keeping them awake at night!   Another common feature of sex and melatonin is that they can perform the role of either a stimulant or a relaxant.

Regarded as a kind of 'miracle drug', melatonin is actually produced naturally in the human body. As such it is believed to be safe, with no harmful side effects when used sensibly. According to Wikipedia:
Melatonin appears to cause very few side-effects in the short term, up to three months, when healthy people take it at low doses.

However levels of naturally occurring melatonin decrease as a the body ages, giving rise for demand for the substance in the form of supplements. But while there are no known serious side effects from the use of melatonin, its beneficial impact varies from person to person. Hence those looking to buy melatonin, or any such supplement, should always seek the advice of experts and professionals. Don't just go by stuff you read on the web. For all you know those people are being paid to write what you have just read!

It is generally legal in most countries to buy melatonin, either with a prescription or over the counter. However any local obstacles you may face can always be overcome by buying it online.

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